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Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Software


SCR-FMEA Software Easy to Prepare FMEA,Control Plan, Process Flow Charts in Minutes . Make a Change in one Document and it changes Related Documents Automatically. It is easy to examines potential failures in products or processes. It may be used to evaluate risk management priorities for mitigating known threat-vulnerabilities.

SCR-FMEA helps select remedial actions that reduce cumulative impacts of life-cycle consequences(risks) from a systems failure (fault).

By adapting hazard tree analysis to facilitate visual learning, this method illustrates connections between multiple contributing causes and cumulative (life-cycle) consequences.

SCRQMS 4.0 suite is smart QMS (Quality Management System)and  integrated Solution for smart industry which includes modules like: APQP, PPAP, SPC, Gauge Calibration and MSA, Supplier/Vendor Quality, Cost of Quality, Customer Complaints, Document control, Audit ManagemrntPMS etc.


  • Recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product/process and its effect.
  • Identify actions which could eliminate or reduce the occurrence, or improve detectability.
  • Document the process and track changes to process-incorporated to avoid potential failures.
  • Gives reminders and mail alerts to the users for pending and incomplete actions.
  • Maintains revision history.
  • Work flow with privileges to users.
  • Fits to the major industry standards and reporting needs.
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