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Document Management System (DMS) Software

Our expertise, cutting edge technology and quicker service have provided the best Documentation Management System with the best combination of price and performance for our customer.

SCR Document Management System(DMS) product is well established in the enterprise solution space with fortune500 customers and offers technologies and capabilities which are unique.

All ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, ISO/IEC17025, SA8000, OHSAS18001, HACCP/ISO22000, AS9100 documents, Procedure Manuals, Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, Formats, work instructions, Document Change Release Request, Document Distributions, training of internal auditors, management Reviews, and auditing the system are critical in the maintenance of its existing products, as well as the design and construction of new products of any company. Yet, as the volume of these Documents, Procedure Manuals, drawings continued to grow, managing and providing access to them became increasingly difficult.

SCR-DMS (Document Management System) integrates the various internal processes within the organization and intends to provide a process approach for project execution. DMS enables the organizations to identify, measure, control and improve the various core business processes that will ultimately lead to improved business performance.

Standardizes your APQP processes and documentation in all of your plants to allow for consistent processes and accurate process/product analysis. Connects the Design FMEA to the Process FMEA so that failure mode effects from the design can be incorporated into the manufacturing process and controlled effectively.

SCRQMS 4.0 suite is smart QMS (Quality Management System)and  integrated Solution for smart industry which includes modules like: APQP, PPAP, SPC, Gauge Calibration and MSA, Supplier/Vendor Quality, Cost of Quality, Customer ComplaintsDocument control, Audit Managemrnt,PMS etc.


  • 100% Paper less system.
  • 100% Fast and Easy retrieval of Documents.
  • Import Excel/word/PDF/PPT Document.
  • Automated Document updates.
  • Document Change Release Request.
  • Document Approval Work Flow.
  • Multi-standards Document Control
  • Privileges to User.
  • Document Issue/Revision History.
  • Controlled Document distribution.
  • Administration / Security.
  • Centralized system.
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