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Audit Management Software

Audit Management review is an extremely important part of the success of your quality management system and your most significant source for improvements. Audit Management review can be used to tie together all the elements of your program and bring cohesiveness to your QMS (quality management system). You should focus your attention on “trends, objective evidence, and data-based decisions”, not on daily operations.

SCRQMS 4.0 suite is smart QMS (Quality Management System) and  integrated Solution for smart industry which includes modules like: APQP, PPAP, SPC, Gauge Calibration and MSA, Supplier/Vendor Quality, Cost of Quality, Customer ComplaintsDocument control, Audit Managemrnt,PMS etc.


  • Follow-Up Actions: from previous management review meetings
  • Quality Subcontractors: Quality related subcontractor problems and actions, subcontractor trends.Internal Auditing: Audit results, audit schedule, nonconformance by area and ISO clause.
  • Resources: People & training, facility and equipment.
  • Improvement: Review of quality policy, quality objectives and overall quality system effectiveness and improvement of system and product.
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